2018 Willowbrooke Farm Calendar Of Events



Jan 2018


1 New Year's Day NO LESSONS

13 Willowbrooke Hunter Schooling Show #4

14 Cedar Lodge IEA show (lawerence)

20-21 UMET IHSA show at WBF

21 show at Willowbrooke NO LESSONS

27-28 Willowbrooke Farm IEA Show

28 show at Willowbrooke NO LESSONS


February 2018

3 Willowbrooke Farm Dressage Show #4

10 UMET at Albion College IHSA (Albion)

10 Willowbrooke Hunter Schooling Show #5

14-18 World Equestrian Center Classic VII (OH) HJAM A (single points)

24 UMET Regionals IHSA show at Willlowbrooke


March 2018

2-4 Stoney Ridge MHJA B, C & Pony at Willowbrooke NO LESSONS Mar 1-4

3-4 IEA Regional Finals (Zone 5 Region 8) Cheff Center (Kalamazoo)

7-11 World Equestrian Center Classic XI (OH) HJAM A (single points)

10-11 IEA Zone Finals Black Dog Farm (IN)

17 Willowbrooke Farm Dressage Show #5

24 Willowbrooke Hunter Schooling Show #5

30-31 Micheal Henaghan Clinic at Willowbrooke (9am-5pm in large indoor arena)


April 2018


7 UMET IHSA at Otterbein College

14-15 Haverhill MHJA C and Pony at Hunters Run (Temperance)

14 Willowbrooke Dressage Show #6

20-22 IEA National Finals (Syracuse, NY)

21-22 Haverhill MHJA B and USEF Local A (Temperance)

28 Willowbrooke Farm Hunter Schooling Show Finals #6


May 2018

2-6 HJAM Welcome I (Waterloo) AA (triple points)

3-6 IHSA Nationals (Harrisburg, PA)

9-13 HJAM welcome II (Waterloo) AA (triple points)

16-20 HJAM Annual (Waterloo) AA (triple points)

19-20 Win-A Gin MHJA C and Pony (Metamora)

25-27 Haverhill MHJA B and USEF Local A at Win A Gin (Metamora)

28 Memorial Day - NO LESSONS


June 2018

1-3 Stoney Ridge MHJA B and Pony at Hunter's Run (Temperance)

14-17 Woodbine Farm Hunter Jumper (Chelsea) HJAM A (double points)

18 Willowbrooke Summper Schedule Begins

18-22 Willowbrooke Summer Camp Sessson 1

22-24 Hunter's Run MHJA B and USEF Local A (Temperance)

25-29 Willowbrooke Summer Camp Session 2

26-July 1 Waterloo Hunter/Jumper Classic 2 shows in 1 wk HJAM A (double points)


July 2018

4 4th of July - NO LESSONS

5-8 Robert Murphy Stable B (Lexington, KY)

9-13 Willowbrooke Summer Camp Session 3

13-15 Meadowview Farm MHJA B, C and Pony (Lowell)

16-20 Willowbrooke Summer Camp Session 4

18-22 Children's/AA Champtionships- Showplace Productions (Balmoral) AA

21-22 Hunter's Run MHJA C and Pony (Temperance)

23-27 Willowbrooke Summer Camp Session 5

25-29 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival IV (TC) HJAM AA (double points)


August 2018

1-5 Great Lakes Equestrian Festival V (TC) HJAM AA(double points)

6-10 Willowbrooke Summer Camp Session 6

6-12 National Pony Finals AA (Lexington, KY)

13-17 Willowbrooke Summer Camp 7

16-19 Woodbine Farm Hunter/Jumper HJAM A Finals (double points)

22-26 Kentucky Hunter/Jumper AA (Lexington, KY)

25-26 High School Equestrian Team

31-Sept 2 Stoney Ridge MHJA B Finals at Hunter's Run (Temperance)


September 2018

3 Labor Day- NO LESSONS

8-9 High School Equestrian Team

15-16 Stoney Ridge MHJA C and Pony Finals at Hunter's Run (Temperance)

15-16 High School Equestrian Team

19-23 Kentucky National AA (Lexington, KY)


October 2018

4-7 Retired Racehorse Project Show (Lexington,KY)


November 2018

9 Hjam Banquet

10 MHJA Banquet







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