2018-2019 Willowbrooke Farm Calendar Of Events



May 2019

1-5 HJAM Welcome Week 1 AA (4X points- Waterloo)

8-12 HJAM Welcome Week 2 AA (4X points- Waterloo)

15-19 HJAM Welcome Week 3 AA (4X points- Waterloo)

25-26 Woodbine Schooling Show (all levels- Chelsea)

27 Memorial Day- NO LESSONS


June 2019

May 31-June 1 MHJA Stoney Ridge B/C/Pony at Hunter's Run (Temperence)

13-16 HJAM Woodbine A (2X points- Chelsea)

20-23 MHJA Meadowview B/C/Pony (Grand Rapids)

25-30 HJAM Waterloo Hunt and Hunter Jumper Classic A (2X points- Waterloo)


July 2019

4 4th of July NO LESSONS


13-14 MHJA Windermere Equestrian Center C show (All Levels- Mt Clemens)

17-21 Balmoral Children/Adult Championships (AA Chicago, Open to Everyone)

24-28 HJAM Great Lakes Equestrian Festival Wk 4 AA (2X points Traverse City)


August 2019

July 31- Aug 4 Woodbine Schooling Show (All Levels- Chelsea)

7-11 HJAM Greak Lakes Equestrain Festival WK 6 AA (2X points- Traverse City)

15-18 HJAM Woodbine Finals A (2x points- Chelsea)

30- Sept 1 MHJA Stoney Ridge B Finals at Hunter's Run (Temperance)


September 2019

2 Labor Day NO LESSONS

7-8 HSET (Milford/Bellville)

14-15 HSET (Milford/Bellville)

14-15 MHJA Stoney Ridge C and Pony Finals at Hunter's Run (Temperance)

18-22 Kentucky National AA (Maclay Regional's - Lexington, KY)

21-22 HSET (MIlford/Bellville)

27-29 HSET Regional Finals







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